BRBS 2020 Tree and Pot Sale

This sale was a huge success. Thanks to everyone!

See Peggy's email on 8/15 for instructions on picking up and paying for your purchases

Click the following link to download the list of trees and pots in the sale with short descriptions of each one.


There are two ways to view these pictures:


Method 1:   Click on the displayed photo to open the Navigator. You will see the name and number of the tree below its picture. For example:

       American Hornbeam $55 

                      Tree#1 - SOLD!

(But the picture is rather small.)

Method 2:   Put your cursor over the displayed photo but do not click. Move your cursor slightly to display the name and number of the tree. Then click exactly on the right arrow to go to the picture of the next tree. 


10:28 am: All three sets of pots are now sold.